The Phoenix

This is another old poem I wrote because I was lonely and liked the idea of rebirth and renewal – it made me compare it to real life and think about the implications of a phoenix. 

Eyes are fire.

Her soul ceases to tire.

First she must break,

in order to be awake.

All her friends become foes once again.

No one is able to defend her,

because she doesn’t want their help.

Nor does she need it.

Hades can’t have her but Hell is her home.

The world is blessed with her curse

And she cannot escape.

Decade through Century and Millennium, 

her lovers die but she must live.


Live to die and die to live.

Live for fire, anger and age.

A reminder of the forgotten age.

As she is every age.


Drugs Poem

I wrote this a while ago and just found it, I’m not sure why I wrote it or what mood I was in but I feel it is both negative and positive.

Drugs are like hugs.

Some make you feel warm,

like confidence and love,

but with the sense,

of no consequence.

Others are awkward,

they fill you with cold

not unlike the cold

you feel when alone

on a December day.

Drugs are like hugs…

Purpose of this Blog;

I’ve always wanted to start a blog and have failed to do so. On this blog I will write short stories, review books and blogs as well as having the odd picture here and there. I hope to be frequenting on here to let out my creative side and share my thoughts with the web (whether they are popular or unpopular opinions). Here I am in my Christmas clothes!Image